Hearing Evaluations in Pittsburgh, PA

Woman Taking Hearing Test — Hearing Evaluations in Pittsburgh, PA
Is it becoming more difficult to understand words? Do noisy environments make it harder than normal to communicate? Audiomed Hearing Instruments provides harmless, painless, and quick hearing evaluations and hearing exams to help you better understand your ability.
Audiomed Hearing Instruments offers a consultation to determine your level of hearing, and narrow down a root cause of hearing deficiencies.

Reliable Hearing Exams

We check your ear canal to ensure there's no blockage or infection interfering with your ability to hear then perform a quick, painless and harmless hearing exam. Wearing special headphones, a tone will play at certain intervals. Audiomed Hearing Instruments will use the results to determine your exact level of hearing.
With the results of your hearing evaluation, our technicians can recommend a hearing aid to help restore your hearing. Our products come with a trial period that allows you to test out the aid and make sure it works for you.
Start improving your hearing with a hearing test and custom hearing aid fittings. Call Audiomed Hearing Instruments at 412-275-3495 to schedule your appointment.